Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hi folks, today we want to share a few shots from lastnight to let you what we do on christmas and about our culture. Hundreds people made it out to the central park and ejoyed a cultural show to remain our whole life. Check it out.

Here are some local kids representing what we believe about god birth. This is a good day to thank everybody to keep in touch with us for this year and we would like to wish you happy hollydays.

Always the kid wants to say hi to Santa and take a couple shots with him.

Now let's talk about surf, today we headed out to Maderas in the morning and found a really nice gift for christmas. It's running about chest to head high on sets and the wind is strong offshore. The problen is that the water was colder than yesterday but we are not complaining because we have good waves.

Young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was the man today. Here he is with a cool sequence of a nice move. Shot 1, seconds away to smack the lip.

Shot 2, going off the top.

shot 3, this guy really knows how to make it.

Shot 4, is he going to land it?

Shot 5, here he is with the last shot of the sequence. Safe and clean!!!

There were a couple of overhead set waves coming in. Here is Oswaldo "EL Paisa" Raton taking one of them.

How about Gerardito "La Polita" Herrera with a sweet floater on a nice right at Machete pt. We're sure that he is going to love this shot.

We forgot to tell you that it was raining a little bit during this morning. Here is Larry "Carita de Venado" Davila going off the top on a nice left.

We are still feeling the hangover from lastnight. This chick was sleeping all day long on the beach, this is a new record in town!!!

You already know that some guys had a big hangover today but there were other still drunk. Here is Julio "El Jaboncito" Prego posing for the camera and asking for a Ron Plata shot.

Here is Juan Cristian "La Mosca" De la Perra charging on a nice looking left. This wave for this little kid was like a double overhead and he was stoked because he made it. Comgrats De la Perra!!!

All right fellas, that's all for today. We hope you have a nice chritmas.