Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Merry Chrystmas for everybody. This is Roberto with the report and the spanish class for today. It's waist high on sets and the wind is offshore, the water is getting clear and maybe we'll be diving soon. Check it out.

This is Mariel from Holland, she was charging on the longboard today. Hey Mariel, check you out you made it on NSR.

Machete pt was kind of fun for longboards today, but nobody was out.

We didn't have any local in the water today, I think they are still celebrating

This is what we do on NAVIDAD: We make some kids really happy, we gave them around 250 toys. They were so happy.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Esta chica si esta muy feliz, este es su primer jugute por que sus padres no pueden comprar uno para ella. This chick is so happy, this is her first toy because her fathers can't buy her one.