Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What's up hermanos? Welcome to the NSR surf report with Parker. The swell has stayed the same size and will stay in this size for a few days. Check out our morning shots!

Thankfully the winds were lighter today! We still have the seldom offshore gusts; however, the winds are reasonable.

The crowds were fairly light for the mid morning shots. Plenty of untouched perfect rights rolled through...

We've been hungry for barrels so everybody is taking all we can get. Stay on the inside, pick off a gem, and squeeze in tight!

Pull up a chair, grab some cold Tonas, and kick back!

Because the swell is smaller, the water is a very clear blue. Now is a great time to go fishing at the reefs for snappers. Let NSR know if you want to go catch fresh fish tacos!

What's Horseshoes without a good cutback? If you're learning to surf or perfecting that new spray, take advantage of the soft faces!

Or wait for the low tide drainer. Come to the shop and grab a boogie board for your kids so they can enjoy the friendly shorebreak to the south.

Red rover red rover, we send Barry right over!!!

Ok chicos and chicas, there is still plenty of afternoon left so get out there and snag a few! Thank you all for checking out the report and we will see you tomorrow. Adios amigos!!