Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi friends, a little cloudy morning today but still good for catch some of sun. Waves still running small but with good shape. check how look in the low tide.

As you could see there was nobody in the water all morning. My friend Lester grabbed his long board for first time in his life and try to do what he know to do in short board.

First wave, look perfect, we see what happen.

I think for Lester is easier to get out of tubes, to stand up on long board.

After try in right, Lester take this left and you see his arms I call the Rocky style is because he was ready to no fall in this wave.

Besides surfing we had some soccer games on the beach, always on Sundays it is customary to gather with friends to play a little only for  show which team is ready for the world cup.

Some minutes later Lester find a way to do well in the right. This move reminded me when Laird Hamilton surf teahupoo and use this style, only the wave is not the same size.

After a few attempts to get inside a tube Lester opted to use both hands to slow its speed but neither worked. Now Lester know that's why the long board are fun because you can run any type of waves.

The guys that trap lobsters had good luck again. When water comes fresh,  lobster season go better because lobster are come closer to shore.

Today some decided to try their hand at fishing. Spanish Mackerel would be a good prize for tonight's dinner. Good luck guys.

Ok friends, We only have a week and the year will be over, I hope we can all have some surf and spend some quality time with your family. Armando Lopez is out.