Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello, have a good day. We have good day of surf here in Nicaragua. A lot of good waves during all day. The water is cold now, I see some locals shaking after surf an hour. Check it out.

I want to make official the surf contest for December 24. The locals and NSR have the idea of have a couple hours of competition between the ten locals and some visitors who be present in that day. The conditions for the visitors, be a good challenger to the locals.

Here is what we want. Some surfer to push our surf level. We will have some heats of visitors versus locals.

Compare this young surfer from United States with one of our best local surfer Oscar Espinoza.

Same trick. The visitor have a better wave, so that made a little the difference. But Oscar have the power too.

Yeah. We will have a fun day for the twenty four. Brings some chairs and beers.

Nacho Libre whose work in Mark and Davis go versus me. Be ready Nachito.

The contest will start around eight a.m. and we gonna have a price for the best tube and the best wipeout.

Come to support us and spend a great day. The category is just short board.

I already know who's gonna win the wipeout, ( Junior ). He is trying the airs, but he will keep been the number ten in ours ranking. Ok. Amigos we see you tomorrow again. Armando Lopez is out.