Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hola, this is the Sunday report. A swell is arriving, today in the morning I was listen the sound of the ocean and I went to check what was happen and the first think I saw was a set of four waves coming. Was a low tide in the morning, so the expectations for the high tide in the afternoon was made true.

In some spot were eight feet high, in others just six feet, but powerful.

When the swell start hitting our beach everything start having good shape. Be ready for tomorrow.

Everywhere. The last swell of the year will be in perfect time. Holidays.

Some surfer was fighting with no reason for one wave. Please stop that situation.

When there are left and right working good and four wave in a set is easy eight people go. So just be ready for your turn.

The small wave were more consistent and almost every wave have this good shape. I hope tomorrow when people saw a good wave coming, have the friendly spirit to permit the person who have the good position, could go and don't lose a nice wave, just because another person want to go in every single wave.

Although that person loses tubes and fall in the wave as India does. Please.

Everybody know the rules of surf. Don't pretend you don't see the person is paddling deeper than you. Sorry for focus in this thing today, but is better if tomorrow everybody smile.

This is the only lizard that prefers to be in the shade and no taking the sun. Is like Miguel. Ok. Armando Lopez is out. See you tomorrow.