Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 20, 2014

Aloha, this is the Saturday report. We have fun waves, all day this point was throwing more than thousand good waves. Nice offshore wind and fresh water. No busy at all, just check this.

I was watching this surfer getting a lot of good waves. He was looking for barrels every single time. So I know he was close to get one soon. Because he was making really good moves for get out the wave.

And this was the wave. So clean and beautiful color in the water.

Now i will go for a barrel too. Because is happening in every wave.

You see the line, was sweet.

Huuuuu   huuuuuu, when he paddle for these wave, I know if he get the line and hold the position, he can get out.

Was deep, he get out and celebrate, I was happy too. Some of his friends were in the house watching him and screaming for the wave.

The tube was good, but he keep going and close with a combo trick. (Pump)  a air.

Hey, they use all the peak. Is hard to compete with this guys, no way you want to say some thing when the pelicans and seagulls have hungry. Armando Lopez is out.