Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Good morning World! Welcome back to the daily surf report from your friends here at SurfNSR. This morning saw the first signs of some swell on the horizon. We had a little bump of size in the morning coming off of the high tide before it got too low and it started to get a bit lull-y. There were about 15 people out this morning scoring some fun waves.

Buzz is an early bird and today he got rewarded with some super fun waves no worms lol

There was a lot of cloud cover and had that gloomy feel with a little bit of a chill and with the water cooling down we're seeing a little bit of neoprene out there now.. still no need for more then a springsuit.

Maria dropping in on a nice gem of a wave looking for some tube time out front!

Big Scott laying big carves on the face of this waist high right.

Sophie getting in on the action and getting a bit of that Colorado shampoo treatment.

Lots of Chicas out there this morning scoring waves left and right as they just kept rolling through the lineup giving everyone plenty of chances to get some waves before starting the day.

Paul is here visiting his buddy Jaime for a week or two before heading back up to CA and scoring some fresh powder up there in Mammoth.

Speaking of Jaime there he goes flying down the line, trading his digs on the North Shore of Hawaii for a beachfront house here just goes to show how amazing this place is.

Another wonderful morning here on the Emerald Coast of Nica as the waves come in and the wind blows offshore the people wave when they pass and wear a smile on their face all day. This is Nica Life

Thanks for coming by and checking us out here and absorbing a little dose of this Wave treatment that we get served on the daily. Take in the sun and breathe in the fresh air, look up at the sky and remember what it is to be alive. L-I-V-I-N-G baby! Okay thanks for taking the time to visit us today, we'll be back to deal ya another dose tomorrow. Peace