Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Good morning World!! Welcome back for another daily dose of surf for you and yours. Today we have some late rainy season early dry season rain falling on our heads. A little drizzly out there with a bit of swell pushing through at the low tide. Come check out some waves!

As the rain was coming down the waves were popping up! Look at his beautiful little nugget.. if I wasn't shooting photos best believe I would be out there getting some of these.

Just perfect timing for a bird to be soaring through the sky at the same time a this guy goes soaring himself.

Put down some power surfing too with some below the lip surfing too.

Karol out for the early session getting her wave count for the day and making it look good!

Right, Left, both directions on tap so you gotta have that FS and that BS on point.

Karol's friend out there getting in on the action too, is there anything better than grabbing your friend and going for a surf session to start the day.

Scott looking at the action going down and deciding he's gonna go get some for himself.

Boom just like that he's out there scoring some fun ones, smacking the lip and hitting some floaters.

Stick an arm in the face and get that stall action for some morning coverup. Looking like it'll be a super fun day of surfing today.

Grab your buds and get down to the beach it's a great day to get wet and score some waves. We are about at the dead low tide which is a negative low today so maybe give it an hour or two after the low and it should be getting good. Hope ya'll have an amazing day filled with joy and happiness. Cheers! See ya'll back tomorrow for another dose of Nica surf action.