Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 07, 2015

Hello and welcome to another week of dicenver. This peak was the call today. Just five of my friends were in the line up. Nacho, Dj, Sack, Seth and katie. Check how fun day were.

The central peak not was working. The waves in the left side of the reef have better waves today.


The left was more constantly, but when the sets came the right was bigger and check the shape. This wave have the good size today and a good line. For sure, not buddy take.

This is my favorite photo today. Is Katie getting the lip like the champions. ( In the face ).

Here is one of the tubito of today. Nacho was in the water playing with the size of waves.

This time of the year we not have to many big swell. Is normal to see this kind of waves almost the next two month, so paddle out is just for have fun with the crowd sharing the sets.

Well. This peak was fun. Check some of the sets. There are two good waves in the sets, but the sets were coming constantly. For few hours this surfer were watching a bunch of this waves, because they missing a lot of this waves. Hahaha.

Si!!!!!!. They miss this pretty left too. The tide was coming up and that was a perfect time to surf. Tomorrow supposedly will be smaller, but hopefully this spot will have some waves.

Seth was riding some of the left working in his cuts back side. Check this one.

Whaaaaaaccccchhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!. I give you 8 of ten Seth. You are improved a lot that cut all this year.

I present to you Gerardo N365. He is another photographer and surfer of this beach. He take good photos and he surrrffffff&(%$%& mas o menos). I will giving to him two point of ten.

Katie surf better than Gerardo. Here is a cut of katie. She only have a year of been surfing and she is starting to made some turns.

Ok. Amigos. The waves will be like this for the next few days. I was in the water today and I was fun. The trick was, wait for a perfect wave and enjoy the ride. See you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.