Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 04, 2015

Hello good afternoon everybody. We woke up early today for hit the high tide in one of our favorite reef. The offshore wind was glassing and the waves were hip high to shoulder high. Check it out.

The rights and lefts were rolling really good and not to many surfers were in the water for a few hours.

The sets were coming every fifteen minutes in group of three waves. The left always have the longest ride. Check how fun looks.

Mr. Parker Hannah's was working in his back said style. He start loving this place. A few more times and Parker go to be Pro.

One of the best things about this spot are the chairs in front the waves. Is like be in a Imax screen watching the spectacle of surf.

I say a spectacle, just put attention to this sick trick of my friend Mike from Nica Waves. Here he put energy in this turn.

He was the ripper today. Every single wave of he got was destroyed for him.

Nica Waves is just a minute away of this point, so I can say this is like his home break. Mike probably made a couple thousand of this turns in this left.

That's how it's done. All the way of the turn is 180*.

The swell is small, but some reef keep having energy to work. This three surfers have this waves without crowd.

Some decent cuts in all morning. The people in the line up was having fun until I sit down in the peak and take all the good waves. Hahahahaha......

Parker is definitely committed to return tomorrow to the same place and make monsters cuts. Those two hundred sixty pounds would have to at least expulse three meters of water.

Need to be like that, Parker. Bannnccck.!!!!!!...Well, couple more days in this break and he will be a profecional.

( El Tico ) He is a surf guide of Popoyo Surf Lodge and he was ripping too. That left have good ramp for made to three to four turns all the way to the beach.

The morning session was fun. The waves not were constantly, but we're perfect a 100%.

Here is El Tico again. If you like this cut, imagine my cuts, they were more radical. It's true.

There are some mellow waves nice for a cut back. The offshore wind is super low in the morning and is increasing during the day. So go surf in the morning the next few days.

Here is the Salt fields. This is why the name of this spot. The season go to start very soon because start to be dry and hot.

In the way back here, we were check the traffic. Here is a Toyota Hilux 1909 full extra.

Here are the dirt bike Yamaha 1 HP ( 1855 ),parking close to the road. One day if the gasoline is over, we will need one of them.

We have lucky to come back without no crush. This cows were the owner of the road.

There are a lot happen in this zone. The new road is down contruction and go to be awasome.

Even today the kids in the school win a ice cream for pass the scholar year. Congratulations for all the effort.

Of Course the Mam's were celebrating too, with all the kids of the community. They were really happy of see of the effort of one year done.

We made good this year too. So, we win a ice cream!!!!!. We go to the second level of ten. HAhahahahahaha.

Ok. Amigos. The boys are enjoying his last time this year in the school and we are ready to come back home. So see you tomorrow in another surf report. Armando Lopez is out.