Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hello good afternoon, it was a perfect Sunday with the tide creeping up all morning. Conditions seem the same as yesterday, with strong offshore winds, blue warm water and  little tubes.

Roberto was on his long board surfing and get waves easier than any other in the water. Look at all the time he has to decide where to go in the wave.

The rights were more constant than the lefts and for the front side surfer they were good to do maneuvers.

This girl was checking the left and got this pretty overhead wave.

Another girl was killing the waves in the same spot all morning, I think she is the star of NSR today.

We can see how good she look for this small tube.

The "X factor" girl was on fire today taking so many waves, I know you had so much fun.

The guys "Tom and Tom" were enjoying the Sunday, good way to start the morning. For sure is good when you surf with one of your best friend.

The report say 3 to 4 feet high for today and this girl was taking waves more than over head and she is tall.

Some spot where throwing little tube. Nobody was over there. What a pity.

Robert went to change his surfboard for ripping this wave, sssuuuaashhhh.

Simon say he like how this girl surfing. I think is because she is better surfer than he is.

Ok my friends. This was the surf report for the first day in December, I wish you to can surfing the rest of the month until next year. Happy Sunday, Armando Lopez is out.