Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's happnin' party people. Greetings and welcome to December in NIcaragua. We have been scoping the forecast and are pleased to report a pulse has arrived. With the busy season behind us we are are free to roam the country in search of something new. This week we were invited to check out Villa Yemma by our good friend JJ from Popoyo Surf Lodge. We made it late last night and were greeted in the morning by this view.

As perfect as it looks from the beach, this wave is unforgiving. Unidentifed, right before going over the handle bars.

It is a great time of year to be in NIcaragua. The weather is mild, the crowds are gone, and when there are waves you have to look for people to surf with. I surfed this spot for an hour by myself until a few guys paddled out. I then jumped out of the water to see if I could get a few shots of waves being ridden, it wasn't easy, and not just because there weren't many guys on it. Some of the set waves made you think twice before committing.

Guys were able to snag a few runners here and there. Here is Brian Hill from San Clemente sitting in the pocket.

The lone ranger was out longer than anyone and even as the tide was going out exposing reef he was able to snag this perfectly tapered wave.

Hay tubo? We'll leave you with this parting shot. You think this one will spit? Sí is Spanish for 'yes'. Stay tuned for an update from Lucha. Carlisimo out!

Hola amigos, guess who?  Yes friends it is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update for our Wednesday report.  As I said yesterday, I drove up north to see what's up.  Unluckily I didn't find the best conditions but there were still some nice waves rolling in.  It was running about head high to over head on the bigger sets but the winds were not cooperating.  I checked out the first spot but nobody was out there, hard to believe but it is true. Check out this one rolling in by itself.

I changed locations right before dark and I found a few guys riding some fun ones.  Check out what the guys were having fun on!

A few stand up paddle board riders tried to make it out but the winds were a little hard for them.  Check out this guy just watching the action from the beach.

There were a few guys out taking advantage of the empty lineup we had on their big boards.  How about this guy dropping into a nice peeler.

The left was kinda fun at this spot.  Another unknown surfer riding this nice shoulder all the way in to the beach.

We had a few rights coming in as well but it was really hard to get on them.  Check this one out!!!

But the left was really the best wave holding up.  Are you having fun my friend?

Our good friend Juan "El Duendecito" Bustos was ready to feed us with a sick dinner.  Check him out doing his thing!

We are hoping to have better conditions tomorrow so please stay tuned with us.