Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hey guys!  Kevin here with Sunday's surf report!  Swell was definitely down in size a little from yesterday, but it was still really fun out there!  Longboards were definitely the call this afternoon.   Since the sunset has been so nice the last few days I decided to hop in the water for this evening's surf report.  Hope you guys enjoy!


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Anyway, lets get started!

The only shot I have of the lineup outside the water today! As you can see, still some fun ones.

Snagged this one as I was paddling out into the lineup. I'm surprised more people don't bodysurf when it's this size, all the insiders were empty!

This kid paddled out at the same time I did. He wasted no time in catching a wave. Loving the bottom turn

That feel when you know you're not gonna make it...

This beauty snuck by both of these two guys! 

It was a bit of a challenge figuring out where to sit today. In the previous wave, for example, those guys were too far out. In this photo, I was too far in... I think I was standing up while taking this photo.

Another insider sneaks through the crowd...

As you can see, it was pretty glassy again this evening. The locals taking advantage of the conditions to go fishing

Love this shot. I was in the perfect position for the entire wave. The set came in, I saw him paddle, make the drop, set his line, and then he flew by me. As he was paddling back out to the lineup he seemed a little bummed that he messed up the turn. Honestly, I was like, " man, I wouldn't be stressed, the shot came out perfect." Loving this style. If you guys know who this is please let him know to check the report!

Loving the commitment on this drop.

Yup, he made it.

Current was a bit strong and I ended up getting washed into a rip. Was debating going home, but figured hey, lets go in for one more round and see what happens. Snagged this shot on the way back in. A drop ins a drop in, but it aint so bad if everyone's riding longboards.... right? Party wave!

She was hunting for this one! Rode it all the way in to the beach!

Pics like these make me want to longboard so bad

Taking the high line...

My favorite longboard pics are the ones where dudes look like they're just standing up, chillin. See exhibit 1

Man.... I couldn't not post this. We've all been there

That feel when you know you messed up

Didn't stop him though!

Charging as usual

The general vibes this evening. Really mellow

Anyone selling a longboard? lol

The perils of surf photography. It ain't all glamorous. Sometimes people literally come right at you

Peril number 2 .... sometimes you just gotta take the sets on the head

On the plus side, you can get some really cool shots when sitting on the inside. Had enough time to snap this one before the wave hit me


Overkill? Is a SUP ever not overkill? Oh well, he definitely had the right idea. Volume is your friend on days like today

Nice left. This guy just got here yesterday evening. Taking advantage!

Such good vibes today. No better feeling than hanging in the lineup with friends

One of the best views at Colorados is when you're sitting out in the lineup and you look down and there are peaks coming in way down the beach.

Another insider with nobody on it....

So my decision to go in for a second round paid off. Sunset was unreal AGAIN

Just floating over the waves...

I don't think i've ever regretting paddling out for a sunset swim/surf.

God rays...

Louie getting one last one in before the sun sets!

The clouds were insane. It was cloudy earlier so I thought it wasn't going to be a nice sunset. Oh how wrong I was...

Another beautiful day in Nicaragua! These sunsets never get old. That's it folks, Baldo is up with tomorrow's report, I'll be back on Wednesday! If any of you guys are curious to check out my personal stuff, feel free to check out: instagram.com/kevinjhuang_ Otherwise, have a great evening!