Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hello everybody and Happy Thanksgiving from Nicaragua to America! Welcome back to the NSR report with Parker. The waves stayed small; however, we have a killer report for you! Check it out.

The offshores were consistent so the waves stayed hollow even at high tide. This surfer tried to put plenty of Thanksgiving stuffing in that tubito!

After three cutbacks, his abdominal muscles were tired and ready for some pavo (turkey)! Despite the small wave, it rolled for a solid 75 yards.

We want to welcome the Babcock family from Santa Cruz to Hacienda Iguana! To avoid the sun, they were spending some quality time together at the Beach Club's siesta zone.

Before we get too deep in today's festive action, we want to wish our very own Carl a happy birthday! Carl, we are very grateful for everything you do for NSR. We are very fortunate to have you as a one of our three owners and leaders. Enjoy your 25th birthday and snag a barrel for me!

Steph was out relaxing with her friends. Where else can you get a pre Thanksgiving meal tan??? I guess we'll see you down here next year. Happy belated birthday Steph!!

In between the three Turkey Day NFL games, go snag a wave. Or six waves...

The Spain family has been loving the NSR House this week! They've been full of good vibes and ordered fresh lobsters for dinner. Check 'em out!

Dibs on that big boy at 8 o'clock!!! Yew!! Disfrutan las langostas mis amigos!!

El Mago doesn't have any egg nog; however, he has fresh pina coladas and NICA libres! Cruise over to the tiki bar and get a refreshing beverage. Remember, sunset happy hour is 4 - 6pm with 2 drinks for the price of 3 and deals on bruchetta and chicken nachos.

Well, there wasn't a lot of surf going on so Maurico and I hopped over to the golf course. Keep scrolling down!!

Turbo talked a big game so I had big expectations for his drive. After shanking it, I lost it.

That's how it's done!! Hacienda Iguana has a beautiful well kept 9 hole course. Grab some friends, head to the club house, play the front nine, grab some lunch at Don Eloy's, then play those nine holes again.

Peter, owner of Rancho del Mar, stopped in for a celebrity shot. Needless to say, he crushed it!

Maurico, just take the stroke man!! Remember to play in the Wednesday Scramble tournament (best ball rules). That way, you and your team can avoid this tricky situation... Thank you Dan and Wayne for your hard work to make a popular tournament!

There are very few golf courses that are this laid back. While we get out there and get after it, there is a chill vibe and friendly faces!

Because we are on the clock, we circled back to hole #4 to finish up. Yes Maurico is on the clock too because he is the President of the Horizon Group. Check them out on Facebook (Horizon Group) or Instagram (@Horizon_Nicaragua). Trust me, they built my casita and it is EPIC!!! Talk to NSR and Horizon about your personal dreamy escape in Nicaragua.

Luke also works for the Horizon Group. Yes, we work hard and create deals on the golf course too.

Well, my Dad "blessed" me with his put stroke. I ended up with a boogie due to my two put on the par 3...

On the other hand, Maurico came in clutch! Yeah buddy!! Holding it down on the green AND in the green room!

We would like to thank our sponsors for today's outting. Thank you Callaway, Top Flite, and Tona!! Phil and Rory, we will see you at practice Monday morning.

Ok everybody, enjoy your Thanksgiving! Eat some turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and awesome desserts. Also, spend some quality time with your family for us because we miss ours. Adios amigos!!