Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hi fellas, welcome to the Thursday surf report.  This is your favorite reporter bringing you all the action from one of the nicer surf spot we have down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were super fun today running about chest to head high with some occasional over head waves on sets and the wind was straight offshore. Check it out!!!

Today I got hired by a few friends from New Jersey and Fl.  They were taking lots of good waves all day long.  This is Tom working on his backside style.  This is the first time he visit Nicaragua and he loves it so far.

This is Basil looking down the line of this nice peeling left.  He was down here last year and couldn’t forget Nicaragua, actually he missed a lot and that’s why he’s back.

This is Chris dropping into one of the bigger set waves of the day.  He said he used to go to Costa Rica before but now he is coming to Nicaragua every year after he surfed some of the perfect waves today.

Gustavo was ripping all over the place.  He was crushing every single wave he caught.  Check him out with sick front side snap on this right.

Now we have Mark expecting to get barrel on this little section.  He was teaching me some slams from Israel last year but I already forgot everything he taught me.  It is not an easy language folks!

Patrick scored a couple of good and fun waves.  Here he is getting into the green single room.  What a nice wave, that’s why he come back every year.

I had quite a big crew today, but I enjoy taking picture of my friends.  This is Vinny with a cool turn on this left.  He was making all kinds of maneuver all day long.

Here we have the last guy of the crew, dropping down the line on a small but fun looking right.  Good style dude!!!

There were a couple other surfers out in the lineup catching some pretty fun waves as well.  This is Francisco from Argentina bottom turning a nice sizeable wave.  We have some killer shots of you buddy so be sure to check out NSR Surf Shots later.

Another cool bottom turn, this one going left.  Dale pelon!!!

David “El Pelon” Osiris was able to paddle out and was ripping on some of the cleaner waves we had.  Check him out going big with a cool backside slash on this right.

We had some amazing waves coming in, but as always nobody was in the right spot to catch them.  What a shame!!!

Quite a few waves were barreling today and they were really hard to catch them.  Here we have Sam Hammers from New Jersey showing us how to get shacked.  Just kidding folks!!!

This is David digging a deep bottom turn on the biggest set wave of the day.  This guy was taking plenty of the better waves all day long.

On the last shot of the day we have Mateo having a blast on this barrel.  The swell is supposed to drop a little bit tomorrow but it should be still pretty fun, so be sure to stay tuned with us.