Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi everyone, this is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you the Friday surf report.  There were some fun and clean waves coming in, first ting in the morning but later in the afternoon the wind got pretty weird making the waves hard to catch them.  It was running about chest to head high on sets and the water was warm.  Check it out!!!

The guys from New Jersey and Florida decided to book me up one more day because they were super stoked with all the great photos I took of them yesterday.  Here we have the crew posing for the group photo of the trip.  This year more friends decided to make the trip, and they all were really happy.

On the first shot of the day we have Mark “Abdul” who was taking several fun waves.  Here he is with a sweet and fast floater on this left.

Tom was trying to pull into a few barrels but it was really hard to find the right ones.  Check him out hand dragging on this right, hoping to get shack.

Basil was doing his best to score some good ones and he did.  Here he is caught riding one of the cleaner waves of the day.

Shelley the new member of the crew accepted the challenge and paddled out to catch a couple fun ones as well.  Here she is having a blast in the water.  Nice job Shelley, hope to see you down here next year.

This is Ernie going of the top of this closed out section.  These guys are so stoked because they already score many fun waves.  It is always good to be back, uh!!!


Patrick was ripping on a couple good waves.  Here he is with a cool backside snap on this nice looking right.

Gustavo “Jakuna Matata” was trying to get shacked all day long.  He finally got this one in the last sesh he had during this afternoon.  Hey buddy, do you still like “Las chicas rellenitas”?

On the last shot of this crew we have Vinny going big with a sick front side floater on this left.  He made this one, and he got the proof on a DVD full of hires resolution killer photos they got at the end of the day.

Hold on folks, we were missing our new friend Chris, he was taking off on some of the bigger set waves of the day.  Here he is trying to get some speed and made it around that fast little section.

Later on, part of the NSR Crew showed out to the beach to score some waves and they did.  This is our very own D-lite waxing up his board, just steps away from fun. 

Pancho Sanchez took his brand new stand up paddle board out, and he was getting pounded for a while.  At the he figured out how to do it.  Here comes another one my friend!!!


Hace Quesos picked up some really good waves at this spot today.  Actually he was killing the left handers all day long.  Buen trabajo Quesitos!!!

This is Eddie from the states, he was ripping on every single wave he caught on the big panga.  Here he is bottom turning one of the better set waves of the day.

On the last shot for today we have Jackson racing down the line of this beautiful wave.  Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.