Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Two hours before the high tide, the right and the left were pumping little waves. The offshore wind is strong early in the morning, but calm down during the day. The water is clean and warm, really good day to surf.

The left look like playground but a little faster and barreling.

Some good surfers out there. The wall was growing a little fast, so people need to made fast move.

Some surfers prefer to go to check other spot. Check what is going on.

The river is open, so some waves were forming in the river mouth. Tom from New York was the first one trying. First try. He made.

In the first try. They were careful. Was only two feet of waves, look easy, but not it is.

Time for Nitro Circus. Tom decide made a airdrop. SICK!!!!

Was double over head big airdrop. He almost break his surfboard.

Amazing, no words for that. Tom is the best surfer of today.

"El Galera" was the only local in the water. Killing the waves.

Were more people surfing in the river, compared with people in the ocean itself. Weird.

(Si pero no). The ocean always will be the best. Armando Lopez is out. Be tuned.