Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 05, 2010

The wind didn’t cooperate either this morning.  There was some size on sets but the winds unfortunately were onshore.  It was running about chest to head high on sets and the crowd was super light.  Check it out!!!

Today we opted to go early to the beach before the wind got stronger and we didn’t find many people out.  We had only 3 or 4 guys out in the lineup having a good time.  This is “La Mosca” going big with a small but cool floater on this closed out section.

The girls decided not to paddle out and enjoy a nice reading.  This is one of the best things we have learned from the international people.

A couple chicks determinated to take the day off from school and headed out to the beach with a couple friends.  This was one of the few things I did like about going to school.  Go have some fun,,,,,!!!

It is always nice to cool off when it’s hot but today it wasn’t hot.  It was all about play some ping pong on the beach.  Ha,ha ha, we are just kidding!

On the last action shot from this beach we have Gabriel trying to destroy this mushy but fun left.  He was taking advantage in the lineup this morning, because there were not many good surfers out.

Later on we went to check out the bay and we found a nice surprise, the wind was already blowing off and there were some kids scoring some glassy ones.

Alright pals, Lucha Libre is going to be driving around tomorrow and the wind are supposed to stay offshore, so make sure to check us back out.