Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Remember what I say yesterday about the same conditions. Today is better, this beach is amazing. After strong wind over the night the water is fresh, but in the afternoon the wind drop a little and the wave have this beautiful shape. Not kidding.

Nine people in the water and all this pretty waves just for them. So lucky surfers.

In both direction the waves were a dream. Super long, perfect and easy to catch.

The wind was making thin lips in the wave. Really nice barrels were rolling went the tide has one hour coming down.

When the sets start coming, nobody were ready to taken.

Few minutes after. All they want to ride one. Because the waves start to be better and better.

This one doesn't count like two feet over head. But he made the drop, this waves give a lot speed.

And this one doesn't count like open arms in a big barrel. But for sure he enjoy the nice wave.

This surfer need to be less out. All of them were testing out the waves.

Because after couple sets. They start getting the good one and be deep in the barrels.

Check it out. After thirty meters the wave keep perfect.

The best wave of the day. Longboard riders were killing the waves.

Ok. amigos keep checking the report, I hope the wave keep like this or better for the next days. See you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.