Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back to Playa Santana today for more of the same - chest to head high waves and offshore winds. There are clouds in the sky, but no rain, and the water temp has dropped considerably. Time to break out the vests.

Here is another shot up the beach. November, not a bad time to come to Nicaragua.

This is Mario, Limon local, finishing off small insider.

Check it out - We often get to see the farm animals running through the streets here in Nicaragua, but we don't often get to see what happens to them when it is time to feed the family. Here is a goat who's time has expired...and a family about to have a bar-b-q.

And how exactly do you go about killing a goat? A sharp knife to the throat usually does the trick. More waves on tap for tomorrow, so check back.