Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hi and welcome to your daily surf report.  We've got the NSR family here reporting from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.  The waves were kinda small but still super fun and the winds were straight offshore.  Check out the lineup!

Lefts and rights were holding up pretty well.  Nacho pig doggin' a nice peeler!

Nice little barrel sections to pull in today.  Mateito enjoyin' the view on this little nugget.

The rights were holding up better and everyone out there wanted to take some.  Would you like to take some of this?

The lineup was not busy at all, only five or six guys out.  Check out the scene!

This guy made it out on his super fish and he scored tons of nice ones.  Check him out going over the top on this lefty.

There were some runners in front of the river mouth.  Getting some shade!

Nacho really wanted to get shacked.  Getting deep!

As you can see the waves were small but nice and playfull.  The waves are looking small for the next few days, but it should be still fun.

The waves were also super fun down the beach and nobody was out.  Please check back tomorrow.  Peace!!!