Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi everyone and thank you for checking with us for the Friday surf report.  This morning we headed out to the beach to get some killer surf shots.  We have been more than lucky to have some good swell in the water for the last few days.  Today was no exception, the wind was blowing offshore all day and the waves were running about chest to head high with some overhead sets.  The weather was overcast but we had a few glimpses of sunshine here and there.  Check it out.

The crowd wasn’t very heavy today.  With the first shot we have an unknown surfer on this fun looking left.  We think these guys who are visiting right now are so stoked to have such a good swell in the water this time of year.

We were wondering where all the locals surfed today because when we arrived here at Maderas there were only a few in the line up.  We did find our friend Allan “La Prenda” Carcamo sharing some fun waves with everyone out there.  Here we caught him with one of the best rights of the day at Machete PT.

As usual there were a ton of waves coming in with no takers.  This right peeled all the way to the beach.  The guys on the beach hooted the whole time.  It is amazing how many shots we get of empty waves.

A few of the foreign residents were able to get their fare share of great waves today as well.  Here is Lucas “El Pelucas” setting up for a nice shack on this beautiful left.

For the last shot for today we found another epic wave from our archives.  This is one of our favorite river mouth rights just a little bit north of us.  We never get tired of looking through the archives.  Tomorrow the forecast is calling for more of the same, so be sure to check us out.