Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi there, Lucha Libre Garcia is here reporting from down south.  We made it to the beach right before dark and we score some fun ones.  The waves were running about chest to shoulder high on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

The waves were super fun and the lineup was no busy at all.  Unknown rider dropping into a nice right hander.

A bunch of locals were able to paddle out and they had a blast.  We want to give a special shout out to Corage Hernadez who made it back to Nica a couple days ago.  He was doing, what he does best on his huge panga.

Juan La Mosquita de la Perra was ripping some of the insiders.   Here he is caught working on his backhand!

El Boteta Barbosa didn't take his camera out today, but he did take his board out to the lineup and he was ripping all over.  Smacking the lip!

All the boys were going big, and they were having a good time.  Juan La Gargolita busting a sick aerial!

Felipito El Pipito Chompipito was also blasting fins out all over.  Going big on his backside!

Sweet rights and lefts up and down the beach.  Did we say something about fun waves?

Very few international surfers in the lineup today.  Check out this one about to throw the lip off the back on this one.

That's all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow!