Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello and welcome to another surf report of NSR. The weekend always is fun. The offshore wind come back the water and the sky are so blue. Check it out some of the best waves with the tide going out.

The waves are coming constantly. Three peaks are working good. Check some of the waves in the sets.

We keep having some waves overhead. Here is Carlitos Perez making a bottom turn. The lip of this wave look good for made a trick.

Baaaaaannnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!. Here is Carlitos hitting the critical part of the wave.

Not just the left were good. Check some of the right in the central peak. Lester is dropping inside this nice green room.

After a late air drop, is time to get ready and try get a barrel. Parker is putting attention of the Lester technique.

Every left was open, but not to many rights because the wind was a little soft, just some rights were having barrels and Lester always found the right one.

All the peaks were breaking in different moments making to everybody in the line up were having fun. Some storm outside in the horizon are mixing good all this waves.

The waves are not strong. Check the curtain of this wave how friendly it is.

All the peaks have more than three waves and all have a wave with fire. Here is Lester getting out of this room.

The last few days the wind was onshore so is good to have a sunday with good wind. The tide is coming up in the afternoon so probably the waves will be better later.

A lot of empty waves today. This peak was breaking with A frame, spitting multiple times.

My friend Parker paddle out to the north peak. He was alone waiting for this wave and he get four of this wave. Check this one.

He is from Virginia. Parker is living the dream, surfing and working with me and all the NSR crew and he is charging whatever wave come in front him.

He is testing new fins and track pad. Putting attention in the shapes of the surfboards and even using the right boardshorts for made tricks. He is having fun everytime he is out there and also surfing with more technique and using better products.

Here he is using his weight to make a cut in this corner of the wave. He is 240 pounds and 6'5".

How are these carbon fins with titanium and epoxy glass of $135 dollars Parker? He is So stoked. Everything is working good. He say.

Wow!!!!!. Some left were intimidate to the surfers. Some waves have fire today.

Not are to many visitors in the water, so the locals were the rippers. Here is Carlos Perez cutting this right.

And here is Carlos smashing the left too. This month is probably one of the best October of the last few years.

Ok. Amigos. If the storms don't send onshore wind the waves should be good tomorrow. The ocean keep having energy so just the wind is the X factor. Be tuned and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.