Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello primos. The wind is soft, the waves are small and peaky. Not to many people in the line up just a Macako from the town Limon two came here to score some waves. Check it out.


This right was the call today. Some sets were making rolling this right with good size and nice shape.

The surfer is Mario Martinez( He is the best surfer from Limon 2). Check here his performance.

After a late drop, he used he hand to grab the wall of the wave. Waiting the lip of the wave, cover him.

Here is Mario with the Macako style in the barrel. He was the only surfer out there catching this right and he have a lot of good rights for him self.

The wind was onshore, but the waves were strong, so some waves were open and exploiting with power. Here Mario is getting deeper, hoping have a door open.

The medium size waves were closing, but the best waves in the set were having a good shape. Even with the onshore wind there are two peaks working.

Here is Mario getting out the tube. The wall of this wave keep up, so we will see how is a good way to close this wave with a trick.

He see the wave with a nice ramp and he is getting ready for a air. The waves were shoulder high with the low tide. The high tide have bigger waves.

Here is the Simio air. (Mario no sueltes esa banana).

There are a current and a sand bank converging in this peak and Mario was taking this wave in the shoulder. Here he is looking for a big snap.

We have good offshore wind usually all year. When the onshore wind is here, is when we can feel how good is be blessing with the magnific offshore wind.

Here is Mario put the board vertical, just the tail is in the water . Check the spray.

Baaaaaannnnnngggggg!!!!!!!. Mario is good in barrel, making airs and is good hitting waves.

He does not like to participate in the National circuit of surf, but he makes clear that it is the best surfer of the Santana Beach.

Ok. Amigos. Tomorrow we will go a little north to see how are working others beach, so be tuned. Armando Lopez is out.