Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 06, 2008

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us for the Monday surf report.  Today we went to Maderas to try to score some decent waves.  Unfortunately the forecast for today was correct, the wind was onshore and the conditions were less than spectacular.  Here is a picture of the line up when we first arrived.

This is one of the few surfing shots that we were able to get and as you can see the good waves were few and far between.  We caught this shot of “Chispero” doing his best to have a good time out here today.  He actually caught a few good waves.

Jairo scored this killer shot of a big wave hitting the rocks.  There was plenty of swell coming in, it was unfortunate that the winds were not cooperating.  Hopefully we will have some good conditions in the next day or two while the swell is with us.

It seems like Volleyball is becoming very popular here in Nicaragua. Everywhere you go these days there is a group of people playing on the beach.  It is a great way to keep fit when the waves are not that good.

We are sad to say that it is our new friend Vanessa’s last day here in Nicaragua.  She is twenty years old, from Germany and she has been here for over a month going to Spanish school and surfing as much as possible.  She said that she has traveled to quite a few places and the local Nicaraguan people are some of the nicest that she has ever met.

For the last shot of the day we caught a cool shot of the sun setting over the ocean.  Even when the waves aren’t that great it is a good feeling to have a cold beer and watch a beautiful sight such as this.  Please join us again tomorrow.