Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 06, 2006

Welcome to the surf report for today. It's chest high on sets and the wind is offshore. So, everybody paddle out with the longboards. Check out Machete pt.

La Panga's show. Here he is with a nice floater. This guy was all over the place with his big longboard.

I was able to found some chiks today, but It's hard to do it.

It's small and Kervin the GROUPER took the londboard too and paddle out.

This unknown pale rider was the only guy out there with short board.

Here is La Panga again, hey dude next time you have to touch the nouse.

Ahh, another one. I know you did want me to take this shot.

Here is Rodolfo EL CALI out here at the bay. Check back tomorrow.