Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hello everybody. We have the day number five in this year off onshore wind. The waves were smaller than yesterday, but some rights were working. Check it out.

Because not there are many surfer in the water, today I invite to my good friend Allan Carcamo from San Juan Del Sur to surf here. He never want to come when is big so he accept to come in a smaller day.

Well, Allan is of first surf generation like me, but he never accept I am a better surfer, so here is the true, this is his favorite trick, I call ( Get out of the wave with style ) Hahahahhaha.

And here is the repetition. He look like a pelican hunting a sardine. JJjjajajajajajaajajjaaaaaaa.

He don't think I can do something better in this wave, because he blame to the waves condition. I went out to take a wave just for show to him a little floater without leash and don't lose the board. Now, he know who is the best between us.

Carlitos Perez was the best surfer in the water today. He made some better floaters. Check this one.

For the speed of the wave and the shape. The floater was the best way to finish the wave.

We will have one more day of onshore wind and the surf prediction looks better after monday. So be tuned to see how will work the next swell.

Flora was surfing just because she want to be in the surf report. She don't surf really well, but I just want to made feel bad to my friend Allam because even Flora is better than him.

Benjamin Parker was part of the crew in the water. He is from Florida so he is customary to this kind of waves.

Ok. Primos. The wind is coming down. Tomorrow probably is the last day of onshore wind, we will see what happen in our sunday funday. Armando Lopez is out.