Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 03, 2011

Hi folks, it is Lucha Libre here with the Monday surf report.  We woke up early and headed out to the beach, but there was not much action going on out there.  The waves were small and the crowds were super light, we have to mention that the winds were nice offshore and there were still some nice and clean ones rolling in.  Check it out!!!

There were only 3 guys out there, taking advantage of the empty lineup by themselves.   Check out this pal picking up this nice peeler all the way in.

The waves were super fun for longboarders, but we also had some waves to ride on shortboard.  Mike trying to throw some spray on his backside.

Since the waves were small and the water was a little clear, a few local guys jumped out in the water to catch some dinner.  Be careful with the spear gun bro!!!

Did I mention that the waves were super fun for big boards?  How about this unknown rider having a blast on his super panga!

The last action shot for today goes to this guy, trying to get some speed on his frontside.  We are hoping to get some size by the end of the week, god willing.

A little bit of our nature on the last shot of the day.  Please check back with us tomorrow!