Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 02, 2015

Hello everybody. The Huracan Marty is taking water from this part of the world, bringing the onshore wind hear. The ocean have energy, somo good waves come in the sets. The Florida coast probably is having good waves too. This is how could looks like.

Nacho was in this peak surfing the right and he take this wave. Check the size is about shoulder high, so we can see have a little power. Check the sequence.

Well, Nacho don't option for a tube, he went high in a floater. Look like you are in the roof of that hut "Nachito".


Geroooniiiiiiimmmooooooo!!!!!!!. Naaaaaaacccchhhhhhooooo!!!!!!.

Anddddd in the waterfall!!!!...Nacho try always to be extreme.

There are a lot of waves small, but strong with open barrel making a lot of white water. I was taking photos in the low tide and the waves in that moment were breaking really shallow.

Some of the visitors. ( Probably from Florida ) was ripping in this waves conditions. The take off was a little fast and was hard to pick up the right wave.

Check some of the sets. If the offshore wind come back, this waves probably were a perfect ten.

After get the speed there are some spot in the waves for go up. Airs are hard to land, but even just try go high is super fun and interesting, the fall is a fun part too. Watch out with the fins.

When a surfer found a wave coming from the other way. A Popular trick is smash the lip in the higher part. Here is one good way to close a wave ride.

Mr. Michael Dohan was in the South part of the beach, he was taking that small rude wall. Getting ready for a dirty hut with a water machine.

Lester follow a wave until that zone of the beach and he did this nice air. Check some of crazy shots of the water trail of his fins.

He looks like a butterfly hahahaha!!!!..Or a bird!!!.

Here is josh in his first surf session in the morning. Every wave don't have the same shape, so was hard to read the wave, but here is Josh making his homework.

When the set break, they do a little deep, so the waves look nice with the clear water. The onshore wind usually bring clear weather and Mahi Mahi.

Lester was hitting the low tide. The line up was uncrowded and not many locals, because they are not used to the onshore wind, so they are resting.

Lester tell me. I want a photo in a air in which you can see the sticker of the redbull. Ok. Here is Lester, can you see the brand?.

Hey amigos. Every year we have a season with a lot of fish coming close to the beach and all the locals go out to fish. In the end of the day everybody have a fish in the town. The hand lines, fishing pole and others sistem are good for participate in the even. We go with a group of friends with drinks and food to be catching fish all day. We have sunburning and a lot of good stories about the big fish or how my friend lost his fish. Well, if you are sympathizer of the fishing sport you will understand. If not, found a fishing gear and go try, probably the lucky of the first time of finishing, touch you with a big spanish mackerel or a Rooster fish. Armando Lopez is out.