Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today we were ready to make it to the beach and score some good waves with offshore wind but it was raining a lot this morning and it made all the roads bumpy.  Any way we loaded “El Burro” up and headed out to Maderas around 9:30 am, it was still raining but not too much.  We got stuck in one of the rivers on our way to the beach because there was so much water running through.  The first guy who got in trouble trying to cross the river was the guy who was driving that white Toyota in the background, his truck was taken by the river like 25 meters down from the main road.

The second fatality happened to our good friend Aram from Aurora Real State who got stuck in the middle of the river and got a private swimming pool inside of his truck.  As you can see there were many people around trying to help him out and get some ropes to pull him out of the river.

After more than one hour, we finally took Aram out of the river but there was another friend who tried to cross the river and went for a dive.  Check out Aram watching how deep Dario can get on his jeep.  Actually Aram pulled him out, this is one of the craziest things we have ever seen happen in this river.

We had to make it to the beach no matter if we had to walk or ask for a ride on horsebacks because we didn’t want to take the risk and kill “El Burro”.  When we got to the beach it wasn’t precisely what we were hoping to find, but there were still some rideable waves to be had.  Here we caught a nice right with no takers.

Today we tried to take a couple of locals to the beach because they haven’t made it in a long time since we are having onshore winds.  Rodolfo “Calibilly” Zapata was one of the locals that we took and he was taking advantage of the uncrowded lineup.

Here we caught Kelly “El Pelon” Slatter taking one of the best rights of the day.  It looks like the LASAGNE is working pretty well on this guy because he’s surfing way better than ever.

The last surfing shot of the day goes to Gerson “El Boteta” Ramos with a cool speed floater.  These guys were so stoked to surf some fun waves again.

We want to leave you with a shot of the stages where we are going to have a big party tonight.  Alright folks, don’t drink too much if you want to get some surf tomorrow because there should be some good waves coming through.