Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for the Sunday surf report.  Today the wind was supposed to be offshore but when we went to go to the beach it was already blowing pretty hard onshore.  Here we have a shot of the bay.  The waves were running about waist high.

Last night was a really big deal here in San Juan because there was a big fight between Shane Mosley and a local Nicaraguan guy named Ricardo Mayorga. There were tons of people out at the local sports bar to watch the fight on the big screen.  It was a close fight up until the very end and the locals thought that Mayorga might have had a chance but he ended up getting knocked out with one second to go in the last round.

After the fight was over was when the party really started and as you can see here even after the loss people were still on a mission to have a good time

We got a great shot of the local church having a parade in the streets.  It is amazing how many people came out to join in the celebration.  It seemed like the whole town got involved

For the last shot of the day we have the NSR soccer team.  Last year they got third place in the final tournament.  This year they are starting out on fire.  In their first game of the season today they took control and won with a score of 8 to 1.  Way to go.  We are proud to be a sponsor of such a great group of guys.  Keep up the good work.  Please check back with us tomorrow, hopefully the wind will turn and we can bring you some good surf action.