Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. It's solid over head on sets out here at Maderas today and the wind is offshore.. All the locals were out having a good time by themself. Check out Oliver getting a nice wave.

Here is Coki with a nice shot. Nice backlight, Isn't it?

Luis LA BALOY Chamorro was out of control today. He got barrels, he made cutbacks, nice floater and some busting airs too.

Augusto Chamorro was out too. Check him out with a nice shot.

Here is Gerardo EL MOPE getting back in town. He was in Salvador making a surf trip with Jimmy Rotherhan. Hey Mope I hope you've had a good trip.

Did I say Luis was out of control? Check out this sequence. Shot 1.

Shot 2. Nice job my friend.

Here is Condorito going right. He was the only international guy out there.

Come on guys, you don't have to fight to get a piece of cake,, I mean a piece of chick.

Augusto getting some air. Somebody told me Luis is teaching to him how to do it.

El Mope with another but a different shot. Yeah guys, I was climbing today.

Here is Luis again with his last shot of the day. Maybe we'll see him tomorrow out there.

More waves on tap for tomorrow, so check back with us.