Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello everybody. There are some clouds making nice offshore wind. The color of the water keep amazing( Turquoise ). Some good waves were rolling in the North side of the beach. Check it out.

This peak was working in both way. The tide was coming down and the waves were breaking really constantly.

D J and Nacho were here surfing in longboard without leash, having fun. Check this guys enjoying this wave.

After exchange the direction, he look for a tube. D J is walking to the nose to get ready.

D J is looking the curtain. After see you surf, I want to go surf too bro!!!!.

Look like you go to swimming to the beach D J. Surf with out leash multiplicate the risks and when the waves are small it is a good time to do if you want more emotionante.

Here is Nacho. He was making funny moves on the board. Walking back way, spinning and others things.

Nacho surf in every kind of surfboard and he have a good collection of surfboard for every kind of wave, so this is why he is in the water everyday.

Hooooo!!!! HHHOoooooO!!!! Nacho cuidado!!!! Watch out, buddy!!!. Ho!. Well. Look like is other of his tricks...

This girl was surfing in this other peak. This wave have nice "A" frame and was rolling with good speed.

Here is her again, going in another pretty left. Just four people were in the water and all them were friends, so that sound like a really nice morning for them.

Hu Huuuu!!!. This girl was killing this peak. The sets were full of nice right. The longboards are the call for this days.

Nacho was in huge barrel. Almost two overhead. NOT!!!!!!!!.

Check how many good empty waves today. This right was breaking in the inside section and was hitting the tany reef over there making some tubes.

Run!!! Nacho. Run!!!!!. This place liked the low tide.

Some beginner were getting more surf experience. When we surf good waves is when we learn more and this spot is one of the best for the people learned.

Ok. Guys. Another set it's coming. Who go to taking?????

Ho no!!!!!. They missing this wave!!!!. Well. Were a lot of set coming today. My buddies were super fun for about two hours they don't stop paddling getting waves.

Here is Nacho again. He is making a pose. I don't know what is the idea, but look cool.

This photos are taking from the (Shock Drop) a house located exactly in front the peak. Booking this house with a group of friends and bring some longboards or rent one from the good quiver in our surf shop and come to ride this wave. This waves is like the dream for a longboarder.

Ok. Amigos. I go out to surf this peak. I was typing fast for be able to go. See you in the water. Armando Lopez is out.