Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello amigos and welcome to the NSR surf report with Parker! The new swell started to show itself and the waves were in the stomach to shoulder high range. Check out our early morning shots!

I watched a couple sets around head high roll through our northern reef break. Not to mention, the water has been crystal clear this week!

When the wave rolls from the reef to the beach break section, you can score a gem. It's a quick racey wave so hit the gas!

Roger Hochman was also navigating a tube. He told me he wears the helmet to protect himself from himself! If you're looking for a friendly smiling face, look for him in the lineup.

After a rough week of swell, we finally have some waves starting to fill in. Judging by the thick barrel and forecasted swell readings, the swell will have some kick behind them.

Despite the tubes, the mid tide produced some playful shapes. This is the break to practice your turns or cruise down a long face.

The Weather Channel is predicting an 80% chance of rain for Tola today. This guy is helping validate the forecast one wave at a time. Keep your fingers crossed for some more rain!!

Usually, I can find Esteban making tropical drinks at the Tiki Bar or making the ladies laugh. Otherwise, he's pulling into nuggets on his longboard.

At this break, you need to stay alert for clean up sets and inside currents. Or, you can bring your paddling arms and earn your massage.

Mid way through the session, the offshores slightly kicked up. However, it should remain calm for the rest of the day.

We have a group from Norway hanging out in Casa Rio for the rest of the week. I can understand why they love the 90 degree air and 85 degree water temperatures!

Ok guys thank you for checking out our report today! Make sure you stayed tuned through the weekend to see what this SSW swell does. Or, even better, plan a quick strike mission here! Adios amigos!!