Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hey everybody, how’s it going?! To our friends in the Carribbean and East Coast, we hope all is well (and that you even got some surf yesterday)! We have some waves here so split up your routine and check it out!

We have a groundswell pushing waves in from the south. It’s a little funky though- there is a small pulse from a steeper direction and a minor windswell off of Mexico. That meant there was a lot of energy in the ocean. However, some gems always slip through!

One thing I’ve learned is that there are always fun waves and always a corner. Though it was a little too mixed up today, plenty of corners were schralped!! Yes, always, always, paddle out.

And this muchacho was stoked to get back in the water! Lesther took a little time off to rest up and take it easy.

But now he’s right back where he belongs. Good to see you out there hombre!

Like I said, there’s a little swell today… out the back!!!!

And then came the untouched grinding right… Somebody hop on it please!

Before we get too deep into today's shots, I want to share an iniative taken by Megan Lacki and Olga Limacher. They are hosting a dinner/raffle fundraiser at Pili's Kitchen on Saturday September 23rd at 5:30pm (dinner then raffle). The idea is to raise money to create a small clinic inside Hacienda Iguana fit with first response gear. Support the community, eat delicious food (I can already taste the lasagne!!), and win some rad prices! See y'all there.

Easy E has been all over it. His crew is visiting from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Oddly enough, it was onshore and messy here while it was glassy and fun back home. But that only happens this time of year.

Off the lip shwackkkk!!

And his crew was waiting to bring him in and give him a rundown of the other peak. See you on the volleyball court later, E?!?

Let’s talk about the wind. Now that Irma is far away from us, our winds are stabilizing. After a few days of onshores, the winds were light and buttery today. It’s possible they come onshore in the afternoon but it’s perfect right now!

Say no more, Felipe (or maybe that is his brother Mathues?) have been waiting for these conditions. Get out there guys and enjoy it!!

It would be a lie to say there wasn’t any carnage today. Some of the waves pinched and the early high tide featured a small backwash. Full commitment by this unknown rider.

The saying goes “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Or something like that, right??

I’ll stand behind DJ Zymkowitz and say he misses 0% of his shots. He’s being living in the area for a few years and shows off some high quality photography work. Hit him up to document your sessions.

A few barrels were made today but this late morning session was all about turns. Once the swells back down, we might have some insane cross up at the beach break. Fingers crossed but keeping our expectations low…

And if not, we’ll keep stuffing it under the lip!

Here’s the question of the day: do you let the tide drop and let the shape get better? Or do you surf now before the winds could switch? Decisions decisions…

In case the winds do shift, swing by our surf shop. We have a huge new order of Reef flops for all sizes and styles. Yes Heather, I’ll reserve 3 pairs of the classic Mick Fannings (you know, the comfy ones with bottle opener on the bottom?).

Tola’s Best Bottom Turner wanted to see the new Billabong baggies. Yeah Turbo, those are some fresh trunks!! Let’s go surf the point and get a shot in them.

Ladies, we have a 25% off rack for y’all!! Need a dress or cover up walking to the beach? We’re open 9-5 everyday.

And don’t forget a sticker for the grom back home!! That’s all the action we have for today ladies and gents. We appreciate you checking out the report today and stay tuned to see what the swell and wind do- we’re just as anxious to see what happens! Have a good rest of the week amigos.