Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Super fun waves today.  Head high little tubitos to be taken, nice offshore winds and great water temperature.  Look forward for our whole report!!!

We want to invite everyone to the upcoming contest at Playa Maderas next weekend.  We are all sure that it will be pretty fun so stop by and check it out!!!

The waves were super fun as you can see and Hot Carl was one of the first one to get in the water.  Looking down the line, hoping to find the shack section.

Lefts and rights were working pretty well today, so it was a good day to practice your front side or backside.  Unknown rider pulling into a sick jewel.

As we said before the waves were doing their thing today.  Getting into the big room!

Leni was one of the locals we had out there charging.  Check him out dropping in kinda deep!

Lots of rippers out in the lineup today.  They were all crushing the waves.

Did we say crushing it?  Wackkkkkk!!!

Solid barrels to charge all day long.  Just stand up tall mi amigo!

A few experienced surfers were out and they were killing it.  Solid drop on a nice looking left.

Lots of beautiful gems all over the place.  This guy knows how is done for sure.

Sequence of the day goes to this unknown goofy footer scoring a sick one.  Check it out.  Shot 1, droppin' in!

Shot 2, double hand dragging!

Shot 3, setting up!

Shot 4, just about to get behind the curtain.

Shot 5, about to get deep!

Shot 6, still going!

And going!

Shot 8, we can barely see the nose of his board.

Shot 9, and going, and going!!

Shot 10, totally disappeared.

That thing is squaring big time!

Are you still there fella?

Ohhh my gooodddddd!!!

That thing is piping,,,,, yyeeeewwwwwwww!!!

Are you kidding me?  This looks like an Indo barrel!

Shot 16, what an amazing tube!

It was hard to believe that he was coming out of this thing, so at this point I almost stop shooting this.

But I kept shooting 'til the end, no matter what.  Where are you fella?

And suddently he got out of that thing.  Waooo,,, that was unbelievable.  One of the better barrel I've ever shoot at this spot.

Deep barrels, killer floaters, sweet snaps, late drops.  What else can we ask for?

Great day to take the Go-Pro camera out and get some sweet footage.  Way to go amigo!

The locals really knows how to get some sick ones out there.  Holding the rail and just waiting to get tubed!

We are hoping to get some more of this tomorrow so stay tuned with us.  Top backside turn!