Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 09, 2013

A last minute call, Lucha Libre just called me to update today's report.   This is El Codo Lopez and Simon de la Yuca helping out.  It looks like the waves were kinda fun early morning, as you can see.  Alex got this shot right before the winds got too strong.  Check it out

Lucha Libre has been driving like crazy the past four days.  He said he got more driving in four days than the last month.  From San Juan del Sur to Iguana, from Iguana to San Juan del Sur and then back to Iguana.  Then from Iguana to Rivas and from Rivas to Iguana, then Iguana to San Juan del Sur.  Then from San Juan del Sur to Managua,,, all day in Managua and back to San Juan del Sur late at nigh,,, next morning back to Managua, and then to Iguana, got to Iguana and went for a surf lesson with the NSR Surf School.  What,,,,???? That sounds like crazy.  Anyway, he is safe and he was ready to get his job done as always.

The NSR Surf School took a couple of nice guys out from Denver, Colorado.  Oliver as always was doing his best to get our guys some surf.  Nice jump chica!

Sheena Mclean was doing pretty good out there.  Here she is caught with a nice drop on a fun looking wave.

Stanley was also doing a nice job in the lineup.  They were both quick and picked it up pretty well.  Solid ride all the way in, on this little nugget.

A couple of locals were out and they were also having a good time.  Buena chabalito!

Lucha always looking for something nice and different.  Codo Lopez signing out for today.  Please keep an eye on us!