Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 09, 2011

Que pasa amigos?  We’ve got Lucha Libre Garcia here, bringing you some of the action we had today.  The swell dropped a little but there were still some head high sets rolling in and the winds were straight offshore all day long.  Check out the lineup!

Lefts and rights were breaking all over the place and the crowd was super light.  This is Bobby “El Nino Angelical” enjoying the view from the inside of this sick left.

The rights were barreling pretty good as well.  Unknown buddy working on his backside tube ride style.

There were waves to get barrel in or waves to rip them up.  Check out this pal hitting this one right in the lip. That’s not easy to do at this spot!

El Codo Lopez paddled out and scored some of the better and bigger waves of the day.  Here he is about to pull into this sweet right hander.

Everybody was getting barrels out there and there was room enough to have two guys in the same barrel sometimes.  We are just kidding, you guys have to be careful out there.

This is Herch hand dragging on this right, trying to get some shade.  He got lots of good barrels today and we have some of those on camera.

We had waves for everyone, even for the spongers.  Check this one out pulling in deep on this peeler.

If you happened to be on the beach today, you might remember this view every time you look at the ocean.  Nice view, isn’t it?

We had a few guys ripping on the small ones.  This buddy was doing cool turns, and also some nice floaters.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.