Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre with the Tuesday surf report from out here at Maderas.  Today we headed out to the beach in the morning hoping to score some fun waves before the wind came on but the wind was already on it when we arrived there.  It was head high on sets with ON SHORE wind again but there were still some fun waves to be had.  Check it out.

A couple of chicks made it out today and were having so much fun out there.  Here is one unknown rider going off the top on a nice sizeable wave.

There were some good lefts hander with nice form that rolled in today and some of the surfers out there caught a few.  Here is “El Gallo” Claudio taking off on a nice looking left.

No many locals paddled out today because the wind was on shore, but Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro gave it a try and was trying to do some stuff on the choppy ones.  Here he is with a cool turn on this right.

Some of the guys in the water were beginners and they were trying to take advantage of the lineup with no crowd.  Check out this guy going over the falls about to get a free massage.

Alright guys, we want to leave you with this beautiful shot of love on the beach.  There is nothing better than make a trip with your girl and have fun together, no matter about weather conditions.  Love and peace!!!