Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hi guys, it is Lucha with the report for today. Jairo Come Pan Panic was out with the camera today and got a couple of cool shots. The swell dropped down a bit but there some head high sets coming through. Check out the lineup.

Here is Shown White from CR commanding the lineup today. This guy scored some good waves today. Here is a shot of one of then.

Here is Gerardo El Mope Miaranda with a cool shot at Machete pt. You can see the rocks in the background where we usually go diving.

Here is Tito El Abogado del Diablo Chamorro taking off on a nice left hander. "Nice style buddy"

Here is Chad The Cowboy Unser getting back to the action with a nice snap at Machete pt. How is your baby doing my friend? I hope very good.

Here is Shown with another nice wave, this time going right. Check back tomorrow.

This just in - Surfari Charters scores some sick barrels! Yes, we scour the coast to bring you the best shots in Nicaragua. The swell is still holding and waves are super fun today. This is Gorgeous George, going backside and liking it.

Thanks to everybody who emailed in but...Contrary to popular belief, WE DID NOT GET HIT BY A HURRICANE HERE! In fact, the Hurricane hit the other coast of Nicaragua and then went into Honduras and dissipated. Everybody here is OK - especially Brodie, taking cover just in case.

This is Jimmy "JT" Taylor, representing St. Augustine and driving, driving, driving in the barrel! He didn't make it out of this one, but man, did he travel a long way!

We'd like to give a big shout out and say thanks to Erin at EBOSurfphoto and Surfari Charters for sending in these shots today. These guys are always on it. Nice work you guys! Keep 'em coming!