Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hi folks, welcome everybody to the Saturday surf report.  Today we headed out to the beach for the last surfing day of our friend Pancho Sanchez on the next few months.  He’s going back to the US because he’s having a baby pretty soon.  We were chilling at the NSR office for a while so stocked to watch the semifinal games of the US Open in New York and after that we made it to the beach to get wet.  Here we have a shot of Carlitos Caliente and Pancho Sanchez enjoying one of the semifinal games and having a good lunch.

Let’s start with the surf, we made it to the beach just to get wet but we luckily found some fun waves out there to be had.  It was running about chest to head high with some occasional over head sets, with onshore wind and the water was still pretty brown for the rain.  Here I caught one of the best waves that rolled all the way in to the beach with no takers.

We want to welcome back our good friend Caleb Cooper who is going to work with us now.  He’s so stocked to be part of the NSR family but he’s even more stocked because now he has somebody to go out at night and have a couple of cold tonas.  We are talking about the 40 year old intern “D-lite”.

Pancho was kind of bummed before this session today because he hasn’t had any waves on his last week down here.  But today he paddled out and scored many fun ones.  Here he is caught going off the top on a nice size wave.

It is a shame to see this kind of things but you don’t see it very often down here.  This old turtle was washed to the beach today and some of the guys tried to help it but it was already dead.  Here is this guy trying to get it away from the water, or maybe he’s doing some exercise with it because that turtle might weight more than 90 pounds.  You really need it buddy!!!

A couple of stand up paddle made it out today and some of them got worked on some sizeable waves that were coming through.  This guy barely made it through this one.

On the last shot of the day we have Erick “Pelo Bonito” posing for the camera with his unreal portraits on Pancho’s board.  The wind is supposed to be off shore tomorrow and we might have some swell in the water as well, god willing.  Check back tomorrow because tonight we are having a go away party for Pancho Sanchez, if you guys want to know how we party down here!!!