Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 06, 2009

Today we went out to the beach at low tide and were surprised to find some super fun waves coming in.  It was running about chest high with solid head-high sets, the water is perfectly warm and the wind was offshore all day long (again).  We don't know this guy, but he caught a fun one!

Today we opted to forgo surfing ourselves and help introduce the sport to some deserving local kids. Working in conjunction with "Barrio la Planta" youth program, NSR arranged to help teach surfing to the kids who posted perfect attendance last month. The Barrio la Planta youth program is a place where neighborhood kids go to learn arts and crafts, sports, reading and other fun skills. It started small over a year ago and now has over 60 students. Today, 6 of them learned how to surf. Check out the look on Grace's face and let me know if you think she enjoyed it!

This is D-Lite, showing why he's the best Surf Instructor in all of Nicaragua!  Everybody stands up with D-Lite!

Every now and then we'd look out and see some really good waves out there.  (doesn't it seem like boogie boarders always get the best waves?)

I tell you what, there is just no substitute for that feeling you get when you stand up on a surfboard for the first time.  This is Georgina, having a blast!

Meanwhile, while we were teaching the kids, Rex was out there doing his thing providing inspiration to the students.  Here's one of his off-the-lip-slide-backwards-thingys.

Tuzo was out as usual and was doing his best to try and land big airs (he didn't).

Here's an unknown surfer going down the line with the silky smooth backside style.  Check out the water color - it was a beautiful day out here at the beach today.

Here's another guy we don't know catching a nice Left-hander.  After a late season flat spell, it sure was nice to finally see some sets coming through.

This is Israel and after one day - he's got this surfing thing down!

Here's a shot of the NSR crew (DLite, Carl, Pancho and Heather) posing with all the kids and program directors.  We had a lot of fun and hope to be doing this again real soon with a new group!

DLite, stoked after a fun day with the kids.  (better watch out for that wave behind you!)  We've still got some fun ones in the forecast for tomorrow so check back with us!

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