Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi there!!!, here we are with the morning surf session. We have the rain every night and the water glassy every morning. This peak still have waves of three feet lefts and rights. The water still clean and the tide was coming in the morning. Check it out.

This wave is braking with a tube during the tide still low, but is getting better shape when the beach have more water in the channel. There are some waves in the set with good size.

If this surfer stop a little his speed, probably he can have a shack, but he was going to fast. The people is surfing in the morning, but the first hours( 5:00 to 6:30 ) is just a few people.

The morning was more cloudy than yesterday, so the ocean was more calm without wind swell. This right was the best wave working and was a little fast from the peak, but was slowly down the shoulder.

This couple just arrived to the beach and the first wave they saw was this beautiful peak. She can't believe this waves conditions, so she give a big kiss to him to say thanks ,, ahhh so lovely....

Some waves still looking like a slap. This man loss this pretty left with a barrel. Ooohhhh man!!!.

In almost all my photos I have this surfer getting a tube or ripping. Here he is getting a tube in one of the few left.

More surfer still coming later on and the waves keep improving with the tide coming in. This rights will still working until the onshore wind come.

Ho!!!. Always the best wave is with nobudy....This how are looking the best wave in the set...

I see a lot of the surfers trying get a shack in this tubes. A lot of them were riding for a little bit inside of this friendly waves.

Check all this tubes. The surfers in the line up were getting a lot of waves. We not have big size waves, but we have a lot of waves coming to the beach.

Even if you don't go out of waves like this one the feeling still good. Just watch the tube is healthy for the surfer's. We can say the morning still good to surf.

And even if this surfer doesn't finish this trick the feeling is cool. This was a big snap, this surfer put too much power in this late back.

Ok. Mis amigos!!!. Keep surfing and you will be healty all you life. Surf the most you can out you country, so when you are old you can talk about and you can be so proud of you life. Armando Lopez is out.