Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello everybody. Thanks to check the surf report. We have a amazing surf contest this weeken. The secont day of competition was awasome. A lot of airs and to many cuts were made by the participants. The rigth was good againg. The swell drop a little, but this is the best surf contest ever made in this beach. Chec it out the action.

The NSR surf team wake up early to warm up, take a breakfast and hit the beach in time. Only Lester keep sleeping because he yesterday was out of contest !!!! Haahahhaha.

Well, Lester woke up so we are ready to go!!!! All the team want to say thanks to NSR to sponsor us with a nice Hotel room close to the surf spot and give us good food and transportation to made true our dream..... We are so stoked!!!

The surf contest start with a spectacle of airs. This surfer have a high surf level already to put to the judges in trouble.

The Chele Jackson go again waking up to the other surfers with his airs 360* with perfect execution. He was surfing good al day in every round.

So all the surfers in the Jackson heat were pushing the limit in the execution of tricks. Even in the simplest tricks.

This is why one of the best surfers ( Rex Calderon ) bring out this superman. Just in time.

So many airs 360* today. The surf in NicaraguaIt is reaching increasingly better quality and professionalism as the years pass and these guys become professionals in their sport.

Rex Caldero is a proof of that. I remember a little kid in my heat in one surf contest fifteen years ago (Was Rex Calderon in a yellow surfboard) taking his first wave in a surf contest. I Never thought one day see that kid become to a National champion and now is a pleasure to me, see this friend surf like he is doing.

Well, after the lunch Kevin Cortez bring out his Iphone and start see the Instagram to see how many follower see his tricks. We see more than three thousand follower and most of them are girls around the world.

The finals were during the high tide and the surfers keep flying. The right disappear a little and one left start to work with good ramp for this guys.

The longboard category have amazing waves for the contenders. We see good movement with a classic style.

The NSR surf team was killing the waves. They ripping hard to keep going for eliminate contenders. Here is Oscar Espinosa using all his energy to smash that lip in this wave.

Elvin El Chocoyo was ripping with good flow during his heat. Making sure have two people in the podium!!!!.

David El Pelon (Osiris) was ripping again during the Master Category. He want to show to his Mam why he love to surf. Because he is goooooddd!!!!.

The Nicaraguan team probably go to participate at the ISA World Games this year in California. Here is one of our boys to we are thinking to be in the team.

We are talking about El Chelito Jackson. He is making airs 360* in every wave so easily.

He made this one for sure. We are with you bro!!!!. Keep taking care about the surf future of our country.

In the first place of the Master category was for David. Oliver Solis, El Chely and Dexter are the surfers passing the 35 years old of keep in the water everyday making sure the surf keep a life for the next generations.

This are the new generation down the 16 years old. Here are the futures of our country. I don't know they named, so I am so sorry.

Congratulations ( Corage ) for the first place of the longboard category. Don't give that skateboard to Norwin( In the 3ro place ). Because I can see he wanted. Hahahaha.

The Resano girls keep winning every surf contest in the female category. Congratulation Valentina and Candelaria. You father Manuel Resano is so proud of your.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh buddy. Oscar and Elvin from the NSR surf team are of the best surfers in all Nicaragua in the Junior category down 18 years old. They win some good money for being doing his sport. Don't spend all the money really fast.

And the first place in the open category is for Rex Calderon. He have like more than a hundred trofeos in his house. I want to he give me some of the oldest to put in my house for a few years, just for made more space in his room. Congratulation. Bro!!!!.

Ok. Amigos. Was a amazing weekend for the NSR surf team. All the Braves boys are ready to come home. We have a nice country, with nice people and good generation of surfers. The NSR team is super solid. We are proud of are triumphs. Have a good day and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.