Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There was definitely some swell in the water all day, but we took advantage in the morning sesh to snap a couple of cool shots.  The waves at this spot were a little weird and pretty inconsistent but there were still many fun ones rolling in.  It was well overhead on sets and the wind was light offshore.  Check out the lineup!

First at all Jason wants to say hi to his lovely girlfriend.  He really loves her because he brought down her flag with him.

Right when we got to the surf we saw this guy getting one of the better waves of the day.  He was charging on the sponge!

There were some sick barrel sections to be had today and this guy made a couple ones.  How sick is the view from there Ryan!

Lot of lefts have been taken in the last few days, but those are the waves that are breaking better.  Check out this dude pushing his limits on this one!

This little kid was ripping his backside all over the place this morning.  Digging a deep bottom turn on this one.

Sweet reflection shot.  Heading back home after scoring a few fun ones!

This guy on the sponge was charing out there.  It is a pitty we can not see him clearly but if you look closer he is right behind the spray.  Check out the lip of that thing!

AJ broke one of his brand new boards this morning, and he was pretty upset because a couple guys from B,,,,,,! destroyed the nose part on the beach.  That couldn't be a good board for a local guy, but we were not able to get the other piece.  We are not happy to say this but that was happened.

This is Andrew taking an small wave to get in on his last sesh of the day.  Check out that thing on the back pal, kinda cool shot uh!

After having a good day here are the boys chilling in the pool and drinking a 18 year old Flor de Cana bottle rum.  One of the best rums in the world.

There is not more to day than what a sick wave and sweet colors!

This swell is supposed to start dropping tomorrow, so it might be a good time to look for a good beach break.  Chico living the dream on the last shot of the day!

Hey all, this is the new guy, Brocko-Taco. After the NSR boys started to see my ribs being exposed and seeing the sun through my skin they decided to hook me up a job so that i can put some food in my stomach and keep getting barreled. I'll be taking photos daily on the beach, so see you there. Down south a bit we had some kegging rights spitting hard enough to rip the dead skin off your back. Take a look at this beauty.

Here we have Dan, Dylan, Damian and Matt from San Diego taking a quick pose before heading back out to get shacked out of their minds. See you guys down in SD when i get back.

I pulled up to the beach this morning and saw this guy getting a sick tube. We got the whole sequence and a couple other shots of you so hit us buddy!

Aging like wine this dude cranks one off the bottom to set up for a mean top turn. Nice going buddy, like the style. Sick wave too.

This is big Bubb-Dog drawing one off the bottom  with some steez. He actually laid down a mean cutback right after but i blew it. Sorry Bubby

Another empty left rolls through with no takers.

Some crazy rights coming in all day, but it was hard to be in the right spot. I bet this guy wished he was over about 40 more yards. That's it for today, we're expecting some great surf tomorrow as well so tune in. This is Brock-o-Taco signing out, and we'll see you later!