Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 25, 2005

Smaller, but still fun waves today. It's running about chest to head high on sets and we had offshore winds all day long. Here is Luis on the shoulder.

We took out the "Dirty Sanchez" to Playa Hermosa to give a surf lesson and go spearfishing. Check us out!

There were a couple of fun ones coming in...

Here is Karen catching a nice one. Luis was teaching her how to surf.

Hey Luis, next time teach her how not to nosedive first!

While those guys went surfing, we headed out to the island to catch dinner...

We ended up with a nice Gallo - which Danilo first caught on a hand line and I speared to get it in the boat.

How's that for a box full of fish? Waves are forecast to be smaller the next couple of days before the new swell hits on Sunday.