Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hello and good day to all our audience. We have a such a wonderfull day. From the early morning to the last sun ray, we have really good waves. People can't believe how the offshore wind hold the perfection all day and even more the shape of the waves. I see more than a hundred perfect waves working today. check the action of today.

The locals surfer were showing how get out the barrels. Lester and Carlitos like always were getting the most perfect waves and scoring a lot of this type of waves.


We are passing for a small swell, this is not even consider a swell, but we have one of our best day, not for the size of the waves if not for the super consistency waves.

The Nicaraguan champion female were ripping in our beach. Always is good to enjoy to see this young girls playing in this waves. You want to see one trick of Valentina Resano. Wait a moment!!!!.

This girl no have a fear, is a good ripper and have more that ten triumph of the first place in the podium in the national contest.

I when to surf with this two girls from Maui Hawaii. Bailey and Savanna are friends and are traveling visiting Nicaragua with they family. We have super good day scoring a lot of good waves. You want to see how we start our day?.

The beach break was open a lot during the low tide. Here is Bailey making her first try of today for get a shack.


And here is the time for Savanna, here she is getting her first tubito of the morning. The perfection of the waves was this number. 95% perfect 5% more or less.

Savanna and the Resano girls were using this peak with such a good rights. Check how was the drop in the morning session.

The waves was friendly and nice for almost all tricks. The wind was around seven miles per hour all day and the water color still sick!!( Clean ).

Well, we have a good rest during our lunch time and we don't stop to see those good waves working so we decide go back to surf again.

We were watching to Carlitos Perez killing the tubes. The wall was bigger in the afternoon and the right was more longer.

Josh Stone father of Savanna was in the water too. Here he is passing close to me making a cut for the camera. $$$$ shot, buddy!!....

Well, Savanna is sponsor for Roxy Quiksilver and others surf brand, She is here for put up her tube skill, because she know Nicaragua have the barrel machine.

This is one of the medium size waves in the inside. I think almost every wave to I see was perfect. This swell direction and period is good try to remember for the next time, I take a screen shot of my surfline forcast already.

Here is the bad surfer in the line up, my poor friend Oliver Solis look so rusty. He is a old man already.

Ok. I have a lot of good fotos, but i am really tired for a long day, so see you tomorrow in another surf report. Be tuned. Armando Lopez is out.