Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello everybody, welcome to another week of surf in Nicaragua. The waves are small, probably the Nicaragua Lake have bigger waves now. The big waves are good for almost all type of surfers, but the people who are learning love this size of wave. Check what happen today in our surf spot.

The right have a feet high and the people in the lineup was catching the wave and making one trick. If you surf in a shortboard is hard, but the longboard works good.

When not there are big wave here, the visitors decide to go for adventure. We have the best dirt bike with surf racks for go far away searching waves.

The tank full of gas, money in the pocket, all you friends with you, a great road full of cow, pig and chicken crossing the way. This expedition sound amazing.

The ocean never is the same. Usually this spot have big waves, but there are days small for swimming and learn to surf.

Mark from North California use the day to teach to his daughter to surf. Good work bro. There are time for everything in this life and spend your time with you kid, is one of the best moment.

Hey buddy, if you come here made sure you pass checking our surf shop. We have good boardshort from Vissla and Reef. Are sick!!!!

And Scooters bike. When not there are waves is time to go out and enjoy of the Nica life experience. Just twenty kilometers around you can found good look out and Nica food ( Fried fish Red Snapper ) and if you have a camara for film, you go to be so stoked to film all the crazy thing we have happening everyday in Nica Land.

The locals are practicing more than usually because there are a surf contest of the National Circuit the next September 5. Here is chocoyo and Cabulla ( How you can see, they don't care about the interference ).

I was checking around looking what is happen. I found surfers in a golf car checking one of our spot. They say ( Ho!!!! is a cocktail time).

I went to the Ice Cream Shop and I found to Nachito. What you are doing here buddy???? The Ice Cream are the best in all Nicaragua and probably in the world, so he was testing all the flavors.

There are a wall with all the records of the people eating scoops of ice cream and Nacho found he no was the champion any more. Sack has seven cup, so nacho decide put a new record and eat ( Twelve cuupppppp ). The good thing is this ice cream is %100 natural, so nacho is stronger now.

Ok. Amigos. Nacho is the new champion again. The pretty Sthefanie getting a photo of this moment. Nacho ,I can eat easily twenty cup, so be ready to make space in your belly for pass my number. Armando Lopez is out.